Business Membership

By becoming a business member of Your Property Team, you will be part of a UK wide network of property related businesses that can help provide services and products you require as well as provide you with potential leads and customers for your own business.

How Does it Work?

Our aim is to promote all of our business members to potential customers and to reward members if they post leads and business opportunities that other members may benefit from. In the long term, members will build relationships with other members and utilise the resources on our website.

How to Join

The first step is to complete the business membership application form and we will contact you to find out more about your business and complete the application process. Our aim is to check the type of work/customers you are seeking and to check which areas you operate it and if there any project size limitations.

There is a membership fee of £95.00 (no VAT) per annum and, if you are accepted as member, you will become active once the membership fee has been received.

We are aiming membership at businesses that operate in the residential home improvement industry.

Business Leads

As with most networking groups, members will be encouraged to post opportunities they receive for other members and will also be passed leads for their own businesses from potential customers and other members. We operate a finders fee system as summarised in the Finders Fees section below.

Enquiries You Receive

In order to provide a professional and quality service to customers, members will be required to work to our 5 point process as below.

1. When a business opportunity is passed to you, we ask that you contact the customer within 24 hours of the information being sent to you. We will email and text you contact details and one of our customer advisors will liaise with you to check that it is an enquiry you are interested in. If you do not reply or are not interested in the lead, the enquiry will be passed to another member.

2. Depending on the nature of the enquiry, we would normally expect you to have provided a quotation for the work within 7 days. This would be extended if you have to visit a property or there are other reasons the quotation will take longer. Our customer advisors will liaise with you and the customer to help with communications.

3, If your quotation is not accepted then usually the customer will be advised that we can be of no further assistance. In some cases, the lead may be passed to another member.

4. If your quotation is accepted and you carry out the work, you will be required to pay a finders fee to Your Property Team as set out in the table below. One third of this fee will be passed to any member who provided the initial enquiry details.

5. Once the work is completed, you be asked to advise us and we will contact the customer to check that they are happy with the completed works. We will let you have a copy of any feedback obtained.

Enquiries You Post

We encourage all members to post details of opportunities they come across and you will be rewarded for any of these that go ahead with a member. You will receive a payment of one third of the finders fee as set out in the table below  once payment has been received from the member benefiting from the order.

Finders Fees

Our Finders Fee System has been set up to encourage all members to look out for opportunities for other members and to be rewarded for doing so. We believe that businesses working in the same sector are much more likely to come across relevant business opportunites and this is the basis of a very specific and busy network. 

Where a member benefits from a customer order, they will be required to pay the following finders fee to Your Property Team within 14 days of receiving the order.  One third of this fee will be passed to any member who was responsible for posting the enquiry. There is a high degree of trust and honesty required for this to work and members are advised that where they obtain an order but do not declare it, their membership will be terminated with immediate effect.

The Finders Fee is calculated on a sliding scale as below:

Project value (all exclusive of VAT)                 

Up to £500                                      


£1,000 – £2,000

£2,000 – £5,000

£5,000 – £10,000

£10,000 – £50,000

£50,000 – £100,000

£100,000 +


No fee








Finders Fees will be calculated on a monthly basis and paid out to members only where the fee has been received by us and upon receipt of an invoice from the member.

Benefits of Membership

Networking can work in many ways but as a member of Your Property Team, you will be part of a quality, bespoke service that is dedicated to home improvement works.

Receive quality, relevant and verified leads for your business.

Earn finders fees for any leads that you post on the network.

Benefit from other members offers and promotions.

Utilise other members' services to help with your own projects.

Gain credibility for being part of a fast growing UK network of home improvement businesses.

Apply to Become a Member

If you would like to apply for membership of Your Property Team, please complete the application form by clicking on the link below and we will be in touch.